bio spears


PVA Surgical Spears are constructed of PVAc. Their fiber-free construction will not introduce lint into the surgical site and they can be easily trimmed to any size. It’s supplied in the box of 180 units.


Designed to manipulate tissue during LASIK surgery and corneal refractive procedures

Offers surgeons with superior fibre free products for unparalleled fluid management and control

Lint free, high density PVA formulation and virtually particulate free

Highly absorbent, single use, fast wicking and packaged sterile

Maintains rigidity during wicking process

Problems relating to cotton fibres left over are completely avoided


  • Selective Staining Precision: Biotech Lissamine Green Strips are engineered with a unique capacity to selectively stain damaged or devitalized cells within the corneal epithelium. This selective staining precision enables clinicians to pinpoint areas of cellular loss with unparalleled accuracy, facilitating precise diagnosis and targeted treatment interventions.
  • Optimal Packaging: Biotech Lissamine Green Strips are carefully packaged in boxes containing 100 individual sterile strips. This meticulous packaging not only enhances convenience and accessibility in clinical settings but also represents a key feature of the product. The sterile packaging promotes easy and safe application during diagnostic procedures, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring product reliability. Therefore, it serves as both a feature and a benefit of Biotech Lissamine Green Strips.
  • Minimal Impact on Cell Viability: Biotech Lissamine Green Strips are carefully formulated to exert minimal influence on the viability of healthy, proliferating ocular surface cells. By preserving the delicate balance of the corneal epithelium, these strips minimize the risk of unintended consequences associated with diagnostic procedures, underscoring their commitment to patient safety and well-being.
  • Ease of Application: Engineered with user convenience in mind, Biotech Lissamine Green Strips feature a user-friendly design that facilitates seamless application in diverse clinical settings. The intuitive application process not only streamlines diagnostic assessments but also empowers clinicians to integrate the use of Biotech Lissamine Green Strips effortlessly into their daily practice, optimizing workflow efficiency and patient care outcomes.


The primary active ingredient in Biotech Lissamine Green Strips is Lissamine Green. Each strip is impregnated with 1.5 mg of Lissamine Green. Lissamine Green is a vital chromophore known for its selective staining properties, specifically targeting damaged or devitalized cells within the corneal epithelium. This ingredient plays a crucial role in facilitating the visualization and identification of areas exhibiting cellular loss or abnormalities during ophthalmic and optometric examinations. The precise formulation of Biotech Lissamine Green in each strip ensures consistent and reliable results, contributing to the diagnostic accuracy and effectiveness of the product.


  • Ophthalmic Evaluations: Biotech Lissamine Green Strips serve as indispensable adjuncts in ophthalmic evaluations, allowing clinicians to visualize and delineate defects or aberrations present within the corneal epithelium.
  • Optometric Assessments: Optometrists leverage the diagnostic prowess of Biotech Lissamine Green Strips to identify and delineate dry patches, mucus-deficient regions, or damaged corneal epithelial cells, thereby facilitating comprehensive ocular assessments.
  • Corneal Integrity Evaluations: Biotech Lissamine Green Strips play a pivotal role in assessing the integrity and vitality of the corneal surface, enabling clinicians to discern subtle pathological alterations and initiate targeted therapeutic interventions.


  • Augmented Diagnostic Precision: The selective staining precision of Biotech Lissamine Green Strips empowers clinicians with augmented diagnostic precision. By selectively staining damaged or devitalized cells, these strips facilitate the delineation of subtle pathological alterations within the corneal epithelium, thereby enhancing diagnostic accuracy and guiding targeted therapeutic interventions.
  • Non-Invasive Modality: The utilization of Biotech Lissamine Green Strips entails a non-invasive diagnostic modality that prioritizes patient comfort and compliance. Unlike invasive diagnostic procedures, Lissamine Green Strips offer a well-tolerated approach to ocular surface assessment, minimizing discomfort and anxiety among patients undergoing diagnostic evaluations.
  • Expeditious Results: Biotech Lissamine Green Strips yield expeditious results, enabling clinicians to promptly evaluate the ocular surface and formulate judicious therapeutic strategies. The rapid turnaround time associated with Biotech Lissamine Green Strips facilitates timely diagnosis and intervention, optimizing patient outcomes and enhancing overall clinical efficiency.
  • Enhanced Patient Comfort: By facilitating the precise identification of areas manifesting cellular loss or damage, Biotech Lissamine Green Strips contribute to enhanced patient comfort and expedited recuperative trajectories. The ability to accurately pinpoint pathological alterations within the corneal epithelium instills confidence in patients and fosters a sense of reassurance throughout the diagnostic process.