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The Optiflex TRIO allows the patient to see the distant, the near, and the intermediate objects clearly and gives a wow effect on the first day after surgery. There is a 98.71% satisfaction rate from the patient survey conducted by us. Almost 100% of the patients can read 6- point letters from a distance of 38 cm.

Dr. Ertan SunayTurkey

EYECRYL PHAKIC lens is easy and safe to use. It does not rotate much after and during the viscoelastic removal. With the implantation of the EYECRYL PHAKIC lens, the majority of my patients are happy and satisfied.

Dr. Linda Ong Sui LinMalaysia

Nowadays cataract patients have high expectations & demand for good vision at all distances and trifocal are best to meet demand. The Optiflex TRIO Trifocal lens is the best option because it has balance light energy distribution for far, intermediate, and near vision. It assures better vision in dim light. It is more flexible, and less rigid compared to other lenses.

Dr. Hadi PrakosoIndonesia