bio blus 90 plus


Acid Blue 90 Ophthalmic Solution (0.025%W/V) With Polyethylene Glycol An Adjunct To Vitreoretinal Surgery

BIO BLUE 90 PLUS is a sterile, pyrogen free, non-toxic, isotonic and ready to use solution of Acid Blue 90 Plus (a non-fluorescent triphenylmethane stain) with effective staining properties.


  • Selective Staining: Bio Blue 90 Plus selectively stains the internal limiting membrane (ILM) during vitreoretinal surgery. This targeted staining allows for clear visualization of the ILM while minimizing staining of adjacent structures such as the epiretinal membrane or retina. This selective staining feature is crucial for aiding surgeons in accurately identifying and manipulating the ILM without interfering with surrounding tissues.
  • Effective Staining Properties: With its formulation containing Acid Blue 90, Bio Blue 90 Plus offers strong and consistent staining properties. This ensures that the ILM is adequately and uniformly stained, providing surgeons with a clear and defined delineation of the membrane for precise surgical manipulation.
  • Sterile and Pyrogen-Free: Bio Blue 90 Plus is sterile and pyrogen-free, which is essential for maintaining the integrity and safety of the surgical environment. This feature minimizes the risk of post-operative complications such as infections or fever, ensuring optimal surgical outcomes and patient safety.
  • Non-Toxic and Isotonic: The solution is non-toxic and isotonic, meaning it is safe for intraocular use and maintains the natural balance of fluids within the eye. This feature helps prevent irritation or damage to ocular tissues, promoting a favorable surgical environment and reducing the risk of adverse reactions.


ConcentrationAcid Blue 90 Plus (0.025% W/V)
ContentPolyethylene Glycol (PEG) & Acid Blue (Brilliant Blue G) (0.025% W/V)
Supplied FormReady-to-use solution
PackagingAvailable in 1.0 ml pre-filled syringes with BD Luer-lock Glass Syringe with Cannula


  • Acid Blue 90 Plus: A non-fluorescent triphenylmethane stain selected for its ability to selectively stain the ILM without affecting surrounding tissues.
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PEG): Added to the solution to control its viscosity and prevent diffusion within the eye, ensuring that the stain remains localized to the intended area of application.


  • Vitreoretinal Surgery: Specifically indicated for use as an adjunct to vitreoretinal surgery, where visualization and manipulation of the internal limiting membrane (ILM) are critical for surgical success.
  • ILM Visualization: Used to selectively stain and delineate the ILM, allowing surgeons to identify its boundaries and facilitate its removal with precision.
  • Tissue Removal: Facilitates the targeted removal of tissue from the ILM, which may be necessary for the treatment of various retinal conditions, such as macular holes or epiretinal membranes.
  • Controlled Injection: Prior to injection, the eye is filled with a suitable ophthalmic irrigating solution to maintain proper intraocular pressure and facilitate controlled delivery of the stain to the desired area.


  • Enhanced Visualization: By selectively staining the ILM, Bio Blue 90 Plus improves visualization of the membrane during surgery, allowing surgeons to more accurately identify and manipulate it. This advantage facilitates precise surgical techniques and reduces the risk of damage to surrounding tissues.
  • Reduced Risk of Complications: The selective staining properties of Bio Blue 90 Plus help minimize the risk of inadvertent staining of adjacent structures, which could obscure the surgical field or lead to unintended tissue damage. This advantage contributes to safer surgical procedures and better patient outcomes.
  • Improved Surgical Efficiency: The ready-to-use formulation and effective staining properties of Bio Blue 90 Plus save time during surgical procedures by eliminating the need for additional preparation steps. This advantage allows surgeons to focus more on the surgical task at hand, leading to increased efficiency in the operating room.
  • Controlled Application: The inclusion of Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) in Bio Blue 90 Plus allows for controlled injection and diffusion of the stain within the eye. This advantage ensures that the stain remains localized to the intended area, enhancing surgical precision and reducing the likelihood of complications.
  • Convenience and Safety: The ready-to-use formulation and sterile packaging of Bio Blue 90 Plus enhance convenience and safety for both surgeons and patients. This advantage streamlines the surgical process and minimizes the risk of contamination or infection associated with preparation of the solution in the operating room.


PEG & Acid Blue (Brilliant Blue G) Content (0.025% W/V)


BIO BLUE 90 PLUS selectively stains the internal limiting membrane (ILM), but not the epiretinal membrane nor the retina, making it easier to visualize the membrane for removal.

With PEG, BIO-BLUE 90 PLUS can be injected in a BSS filled eye. It travels as a cohesive ball to the fundus of the eye without diffusion and stains the desired tissue selectively.


BIO BLUE 90 PLUS is indicated to selectively stain and visualize the internal limiting membrane (ILM), facilitating removal of tissue and reducing the risk of retinal damage. Before injection the vitreous chamber should be completely filled with suitable ophthalmic irrigating solution. Polyethylene Glycol prevents diffusion of this stain into other parts and due to its viscosity, it helps in controlled injection.


Supplied in 1.0 ml PFS, BD Luer-lock Glass Syringe with Cannula