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Trypan Blue Ophthalmic Solution 1.5 mg/ml For Ophthalmic Vitrectomy Procedures

Bio Blue Plus is a sterile, pyrogen free solution of Trypan Blue 0.15% w/v in saline buffer solution. It has selective affinity for Epiretinal Membrane (ERM) and Internal Limiting Membrane (ILM). The product is used as an aid in visualization of membranes, facilitating its removal during ophthalmic surgical vitrectomy procedures. The syringe comes in medical grade blister packaging to ensure safety and protection. A sterile single use 27G CE marked cannula is provided with each syringe.


Biotech Bio-Blue Plus represents a sophisticated solution tailored to the specific needs of vitreo-retinal surgery, providing surgeons with enhanced visualization and precise tissue removal capabilities, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes and safety during ophthalmic procedures. Biotech Bio-Blue’s notable features include:

  • Selective Affinity and Targeted Staining: Biotech Bio-Blue Plus contains Trypan Blue, which exhibits selective affinity for Epiretinal Membrane (ERM) and Internal Limiting Membrane (ILM). This selective staining enables surgeons to precisely visualize and differentiate targeted tissues from surrounding structures, enhancing surgical accuracy.
  • Sterility and Pyrogen-Free Formulation: The sterile and pyrogen-free nature of Biotech Bio-Blue Plus ensures optimal safety during ophthalmic procedures. It reduces the risk of post-operative complications and infections, maintaining the integrity of the ocular environment and promoting faster recovery for patients.
  • Pre-filled Syringe with Cannula: Each package of Biotech Bio-Blue Plus includes a pre-filled syringe equipped with a 27G CE marked cannula. This convenient packaging facilitates easy handling and administration, streamlining surgical procedures and minimizing the risk of contamination.
  • Optimized Concentration: With a concentration of Trypan Blue at 0.15% w/v, Biotech Bio-Blue Plus offers an optimal balance between staining intensity and tissue penetration. This concentration ensures clear visualization of membranes while minimizing potential adverse effects on surrounding ocular structures.


  • Concentration: Trypan Blue 0.15% w/v
  • Sterility: Sterile and pyrogen-free solution
  • Packaging: Medical-grade blister packaging
  • Syringe Type: BD Luer-lock Glass Syringe with Cannula
  • Cannula: Sterile single-use 27G CE marked cannula
  • Supply: Supplied in 1.0 ml pre-filled syringe


  • Trypan Blue (0.15% w/v): Trypan Blue is a vital component of Biotech Bio-Blue Plus, constituting 0.15% weight/volume of the solution. Trypan Blue is a synthetic dye commonly used in ophthalmic surgery due to its selective affinity for specific ocular tissues, such as Epiretinal Membrane (ERM) and Internal Limiting Membrane (ILM). Its staining properties enable surgeons to visualize and differentiate targeted tissues during vitreo-retinal procedures, enhancing surgical precision and outcomes.
  • Saline Buffer Solution: Biotech Bio-Blue Plus is formulated with a saline buffer solution to maintain the pH balance and osmolarity of the solution.


Biotech Bio-Blue Plus is primarily utilized as an adjunctive tool during vitreo-retinal procedures, specifically ophthalmic vitrectomy procedures. Its applications include:

Visualizing and removing Epiretinal Membrane (ERM) and Internal Limiting Membrane (ILM) to facilitate surgical maneuvers and minimize the risk of retinal damage.

Identifying and aiding in the removal of posterior hyaloid remnants in cases of Tractional Diabetic Retinopathy.


  • Enhanced Visualization and Precision: Biotech Bio-Blue Plus enhances visualization during vitreo-retinal procedures, allowing surgeons to accurately identify and delineate targeted tissues. This heightened precision enables more thorough membrane removal and reduces the likelihood of residual tissue or damage to surrounding structures.
  • Minimized Risk of Retinal Damage: By aiding in the visualization and removal of membranes, Biotech Bio-Blue Plus helps minimize the risk of inadvertent retinal damage during surgery. Surgeons can confidently navigate delicate ocular structures, reducing the potential for post-operative complications and optimizing patient outcomes.
  • Facilitated Identification of Pathological Features: The selective affinity of Biotech Bio-Blue Plus for Epiretinal Membrane (ERM) and Internal Limiting Membrane (ILM) facilitates the identification of pathological features associated with retinal diseases. This capability enables surgeons to tailor surgical interventions to address specific patient needs, improving overall treatment efficacy.


Trypan Blue 0.15% W/V


Facilitates visualization and removal of tissues and reducing the risk of retinal damage

Helps to identify and aids in the removal of Posterior Hyaloids Remnants in Traction Diabetic Retinopathy


Used as an aid during vitreo-retinal procedures


Supplied in 1.0 ml PFS, BD Luer-lock Glass Syringe with Cannula