Dermal Fillers

GLODERM 30L is an injectable gel made of crosslinked, highly purified (non-animal origin) 30 mg HA concentration. Gloderm, new generation Dermal Filler manufactured with state of the art crosslinking technology, is physician-administered, non-surgical treatment for that adds volume to the Skin, smoothing unwanted lines and wrinkles.  


Monophasic, smooth hyaluronic acid gels

High crosslinking

Fully hydrated

Lifting of skin depressions

Restoring of facial contours and fullness

Immediate aesthetic results that last

Technical Specifications

HA Concentration (mg ml)30
Level of Cross-Linking3
Molecular Weight2.9 to 3.2 million Dalton
Suggested injection DepthDeep dermis
Pack1*1 ml
Needle Size27g


Deep nasolabial folds

Oral commisures

Cheek, jawline and chin augmentation

Lip Augmentation