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colombian national & international congress

Colombian National & International Congress Of Ophthalmology 2018

Biotech Healthcare at XXXVIII Colombian National and International…
turkish ophthalmological society 2018

Turkish Ophthalmological Society 2018

Biotech Healthcare at Turkish Ophthalmological Society, National…
aao conference

American Academy of Ophthalmology Conference – AAO 2017

Personifying Biotech Healthcare at American Academy of Ophthalmology…
turkish ophthalmological society 2017

51st Turkish Ophthalmology Society National Conference

Biotech Healthcare at 51st National Congress of Turkish Ophthalmologic…
escrs dinner event

Biotech Dinner Event at ESCRS 17, Lisbon

‘Dinner Event’ organized at Lisbon on 9th Oct. 2017 during…
congress of escrs 2017

Congress of ESCRS 2017

Biotech Healthcare launched EYECRYL PHAKIC TORIC and EYECRYL…
live surgery demonstration

Live Surgery Demonstration at Rajasthan Ophthalmological Society

“Biotech Healthcare” launched EYECRYL PHAKIC TORIC in LIVE…

Webinar on Eyes on COVID 19 | 14 May 2020

Webinar of Eyecryl Toric IOLs for correcting astigmatism after keratoplasty | 29 April 2020

Webinar on Phakic implants: Getting it right | 25 April 2020

Webinar on Trifocal IOLs which technology is the best for patients & surgeons | 20 April 2020