bio hyalur cs

Bio-Hyalur CS

Sodium Hyaluronate With Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate Ophthalmic Solution

Anterior Segment Procedure
BIO-HYALUR CS is a colourless, transparent, sterile, isotonic, non-pyrogenic, viscoelastic, dispersive solution of a highly purified, non-inflammatory Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate and Sodium Hyaluronate.


BIO-HYALUR CS represents a sophisticated ophthalmic solution engineered to address the intricacies of anterior segment surgeries, boasting a comprehensive set of features tailored to surgical requirements:

  • Corneal Endothelium Protection: One of the paramount features of BIO-HYALUR CS is its ability to provide robust protection to the delicate corneal endothelium. This safeguarding action is critical in surgeries where the cornea is involved, such as cataract extraction or corneal transplantation, as it reduces the risk of endothelial cell loss and post-operative complications.
  • Anterior Chamber Depth Maintenance: Through its viscoelastic properties, BIO-HYALUR CS plays a pivotal role in establishing and preserving the optimal depth of the anterior chamber. This feature ensures adequate working space for surgical maneuvers, facilitating smooth intraocular instrument manipulation while safeguarding delicate structures within the eye.
  • Enhanced Visualization: By offering superior clarity and visualization during surgical procedures, BIO-HYALUR CS enables surgeons to navigate the intricate anatomical structures of the anterior segment with precision and confidence. This heightened visibility is particularly beneficial in surgeries involving complex anatomical configurations or obscured surgical fields.

Provides good corneal endothelium protection

Creates & maintains good anterior chamber depth

Enhances visualization during the surgical procedure


BIO-HYALUR CS consists of two essential ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate and Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate. Sodium Hyaluronate, renowned for its lubricating and viscoelastic properties, ensures optimal tissue hydration and facilitates smooth surgical maneuvers within the anterior segment of the eye. Meanwhile, Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate complements Sodium Hyaluronate by providing additional viscoelasticity and protective benefits. This meticulously balanced combination of ingredients guarantees the stability, biocompatibility, and therapeutic efficacy of BIO-HYALUR CS. As a result, BIO-HYALUR CS stands as a crucial asset in enhancing surgical outcomes in anterior segment procedures, offering surgeons the confidence and precision necessary for successful interventions.

Raw MeterialSodium Hyaluronate content (2.0% W/V) &
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate content (2.0% W/V)
Viscosity@1 Shear Rate – 40,000 + 15,000 mPas
PH6.8 to 7.6
Osmolarity340 – 400 mOsm/kg
Shelf Life2 years from manufacture
StorageStore between 2c to 25c
Do not Freeze Protect from light
Aplication / Intended UseAnterior segment procedures


  • Cataract Surgery: BIO-HYALUR CS aids in cataract surgery and intraocular lens implantation by ensuring optimal anterior chamber depth, improving visibility, and protecting the corneal endothelium.
  • Corneal Transplantation: By providing robust corneal endothelium protection and ensuring stable anterior chamber dynamics, BIO-HYALUR CS supports successful corneal transplantation and integration.
  • Glaucoma Surgery: In procedures such as trabeculectomy or tube shunt implantation, BIO-HYALUR CS aids in maintaining anterior chamber stability and promoting surgical success by mitigating post-operative complications.
  • Refractive Surgery: BIO-HYALUR CS enhances surgical precision and safety in refractive procedures like LASIK or PRK by optimizing corneal hydration and providing a clear surgical field for precise ablation.


  • Enhanced Safety Profile: BIO-HYALUR CS exhibits a superior safety profile, characterized by its non-pyrogenic, non-inflammatory, and biocompatible nature. This ensures minimal intraoperative and post-operative complications, promoting favorable surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Augmented Surgical Precision: By maintaining optimal anterior chamber depth, protecting the corneal endothelium, and enhancing visualization, BIO-HYALUR CS empowers surgeons to execute intricate surgical maneuvers with unparalleled precision and confidence.
  • Improved Post-operative Recovery: The anti-inflammatory properties of BIO-HYALUR CS, coupled with its tissue-protective effects, contribute to a smoother post-operative recovery process. Reduced inflammation and enhanced wound healing promote faster visual rehabilitation and overall patient well-being.
  • Improved Patient Comfort: BIO-HYALUR CS’s non-inflammatory and biocompatible nature ensures minimal discomfort upon application, while its viscoelastic properties help maintain stable intraocular pressure, reducing the sensation of pressure or discomfort felt by the patient during the procedure. Additionally, BIO-HYALUR CS’s ability to protect the corneal endothelium and promote tissue hydration supports a smoother healing process, further enhancing patient comfort in the critical post-operative period

Concentration & Supply

Bio-Hyalur CS is a combination of Sodium Hyaluronate 2% & Sodium Chondroitin Sulphate 2% Ophthalmic Solutions, supplied in 1.0 ml PFS (BD Glass Syringe) with 27G Sterile Cannula.