flavin hy


Hypotonic Riboflavin Ophthalmic Solution without Dextran

Sterile and Preservative Free Solution

Flavin HY is a sterile, preservative-free ophthalmic solution containing Riboflavin 0.25% in saline. Flavin HY is used to swell the cornea if corneal thickness is not sufficient to perform Corneal Collagen cross linking as well as photosensitizing agent in Corneal Collagen cross linking.


  • Hypotonic Formulation: Flavin HY is meticulously formulated as a hypotonic solution, tailored specifically for use in delicate corneal procedures. This unique formulation ensures gentle yet effective treatment without causing undue stress to the eye.
  • Preservative-Free Assurance: Flavin HY is free from preservatives, prioritizing the safety and well-being of patients undergoing corneal interventions. The absence of preservatives minimizes the risk of adverse reactions and allergic responses, ensuring optimal ocular health during treatment.
  • Optimal Riboflavin Concentration: With a concentration of Riboflavin Sodium Phosphate BP at 0.25% w/v, Flavin HY guarantees the presence of an adequate photosensitizing agent essential for successful Corneal Collagen cross-linking. This concentration is carefully calibrated to maximize efficacy while maintaining safety.
  • Corneal Swelling Capability: A pivotal feature of Flavin HY lies in its ability to induce corneal swelling, crucial for preparing the cornea for Collagen cross-linking procedures. By facilitating the swelling process to achieve a minimum thickness of 400 µm, Flavin HY ensures the cornea is suitably prepared for subsequent treatment steps.
  • Consistency in Thickness Maintenance: Flavin HY plays a crucial role in maintaining consistent corneal thickness throughout the UV administration phase. This feature is instrumental in optimizing treatment outcomes and ensuring uniform distribution of therapeutic effects across the corneal surface.


  • Composition: Each milliliter of Flavin HY contains Riboflavin Sodium Phosphate BP equivalent to Riboflavin 0.25% w/v in sterile phosphate buffer saline.
  • Supply: Flavin HY is supplied in ready-to-use single-use sterile prefilled syringes of 1.0 ml with sterile single-use cannulae. It can also be supplied with a filled volume of 3.0 ml for special orders.


  • Riboflavin Sodium Phosphate BP: This compound serves as the active ingredient in Flavin HY. Riboflavin Sodium Phosphate BP is a derivative of Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), and it plays a crucial role as a photosensitizing agent in Corneal Collagen cross-linking procedures.
  • Phosphate Buffer Saline: Phosphate buffer saline is used as the vehicle to maintain the stability, pH balance, and sterility of the Flavin HY solution. It serves as a carrier for the active ingredient, Riboflavin Sodium Phosphate BP, ensuring uniform dispersion and delivery of the compound during ophthalmic procedures. Additionally, the buffer properties of phosphate buffer saline help to maintain the physiological pH of the solution, minimizing the risk of ocular irritation or discomfort upon application.


Flavin HY is primarily used in Corneal Collagen cross-linking procedures. It serves as a photosensitizing agent during the treatment process, helping to swell the cornea to the required thickness for the procedure. This treatment is particularly beneficial for cases where the corneal thickness is insufficient for conventional cross-linking procedures.


  • Expanded Treatment Eligibility: Flavin HY extends the scope of Riboflavin-based treatment options to encompass thin corneas previously deemed ineligible for standard cross-linking protocols. This expanded eligibility broadens the therapeutic reach of Corneal Collagen cross-linking, offering hope to patients with diverse corneal profiles.
  • Enhanced Treatment Precision: By facilitating consistent corneal thickness during UV exposure, Flavin HY enhances treatment precision and efficacy. This ensures that therapeutic interventions are delivered with utmost accuracy, minimizing the risk of under- or over-treatment and maximizing therapeutic outcomes.
  • Patient-Centric Safety: The preservative-free nature of Flavin HY underscores its commitment to patient safety and comfort. By eliminating preservatives, Flavin HY mitigates the risk of ocular irritation and allergic reactions, promoting a more comfortable treatment experience for patients undergoing corneal interventions.
  • User-Friendly Packaging: Flavin HY is conveniently packaged in single-use sterile prefilled syringes, simplifying the preparation process and reducing the risk of contamination.

Advantages of Cross Linking Treatment with Flavin HY

To swell the cornea up to the thickness of minimum 400 µm

To better maintain consistent corneal thickness during UV administration

This variant of Riboflavin broadens the spectrum of Riboflavin treatment to thin corneas that would otherwise not be eligible for the treatment

Technical Specifications

Flavin HYHypotonic Riboflavin Ophthalmic Solution (0.25%) without Dextran
COMPOSITIONEach ml contains

Riboflavin Sodium Phosphate BP

(Equivalent to base Riboflavin)……………………0.25% w/v

Phoshpate Buffar Saline……………………………..q. s.


Flavin HY is supplied in ready to single use sterile Prefilled Syringe of 1.0 ml with sterile single use Cannula.

Flavin HY can be supplied with filled volume of 3.0 ml for special orders.