Perfluoro-n-Octane liquid as an aid for retinal surgery

BIO OCTANE is a sterile non-pyrogenic optically clear ultra-purified 100% fluorinated perfluorocarbon liquid used as an aid for retinal surgery.


Does not interfere with visualization of the retina

BIO OCTANE has a high vapor pressure, which facilities the removal of residual material remaining after aspiration


BIO OCTANE stands as a revolutionary adjunct in the realm of retinal surgery, meticulously engineered to optimize surgical outcomes and ensure patient safety. This sterile, non-pyrogenic, ultra-purified 100% fluorinated perfluorocarbon liquid epitomizes precision and clarity, empowering surgeons with unparalleled visibility and control during delicate ophthalmic procedures

  • Optical Clarity: BIO OCTANE ensures exceptional clarity during retinal surgery, providing surgeons with a vivid, unobstructed view of the delicate retinal tissues. This clarity enables precise identification and treatment of retinal pathologies, such as tears, detachments, and bleeding, ultimately enhancing surgical outcomes.
  • High Vapor Pressure: BIO OCTANE’s high vapor pressure facilitates the swift and thorough removal of residual materials from the surgical field. This feature optimizes surgical efficiency, reduces procedure time, and minimizes the risk of postoperative complications associated with retained debris.
  • Non-Interference: Unlike some surgical aids, BIO OCTANE does not interfere with retinal visualization, ensuring that surgeons maintain a clear and uninterrupted view of the surgical site throughout the procedure. This non-interference enhances surgical precision and accuracy, allowing surgeons to perform intricate maneuvers with confidence and proficiency.


  • Composition: 100% fluorinated perfluorocarbon liquid.
  • Sterility: BIO OCTANE is supplied in a sterile, non-pyrogenic form, meeting stringent safety standards for surgical applications.
  • Purity: The formulation undergoes rigorous purification processes to ensure exceptional clarity and purity, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions and contamination.
  • Volume: Available in glass vials and pre-filled syringes, delivering precise volumes of sterile Perfluoro-n-Octane liquid.
  • Packaging: Each unit is meticulously packaged in medical-grade blister packaging, safeguarding the integrity and sterility of the product until the point of use.


BIO OCTANE comprises solely of 100% fluorinated perfluorocarbon liquid, meticulously purified to eliminate impurities and contaminants. This singular ingredient embodies the product’s commitment to uncompromising quality, ensuring optimal performance and safety in the surgical arena.


BIO OCTANE serves as an indispensable adjunct in a spectrum of retinal surgeries, including:

  • Retinal detachment with Giant Tears
  • Retinal detachment with Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy
  • Traumatic Retinal Detachment
  • Subluxated lenses
  • Retinal bleeding

These conditions often require intricate surgical maneuvers and precise management of the retinal tissue. BIO OCTANE serves as a crucial aid in ensuring optimal visualization and facilitating the surgical process in such cases.


  • Enhanced Surgical Precision: The exceptional optical clarity of BIO OCTANE enhances surgical precision by providing surgeons with a clear and detailed view of the retinal landscape. This enables them to identify and address retinal pathologies with unparalleled accuracy, ultimately leading to better surgical outcomes.
  • Streamlined Surgical Workflow: The high vapor pressure of BIO OCTANE expedites the removal of residual materials, resulting in a more efficient surgical workflow. This not only saves time but also reduces the duration of the procedure, minimizing the patient’s exposure to potential risks associated with prolonged surgery.
  • Safety and Reliability: BIO OCTANE’s sterile, non-pyrogenic formulation, coupled with its stringent purification processes, ensures patient safety and minimizes the risk of adverse events. Surgeons can rely on BIO OCTANE to maintain a sterile surgical environment and mitigate the potential for postoperative complications, enhancing overall procedural safety.
  • Versatility and Utility: BIO OCTANE’s compatibility with diverse retinal pathologies underscores its versatility and utility across a broad spectrum of retinal surgeries. Surgeons can confidently use BIO OCTANE to address various retinal conditions, ranging from retinal detachment to traumatic retinal detachment, subluxated lenses, and retinal bleeding, thereby optimizing patient care and treatment outcomes.


BIO OCTANE PERFLUORO-N-OCTANE LIQUID helps in the surgical management of retinal detachment as a result of:

Retinal detachment with Giant Tears

Retinal detachment with Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy

Traumatic Retinal Detachment

Subluxated lenses

Retinal bleeding


Bio Octane is supplied in a glass vial as well as prefilled syringe delivering 5.0 ml of sterile Perfluoro-n-Octane liquid.
The product is packed in medical grade blister packaging and finally supplied along with Information for Use.