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Our product Bio-Cyst in Urology segment has been specially developed
to provide immediate relief to Cystitis patients.

bio cyst


Sterile Sodium Hyaluronate Solution from bacterial fermentation source

For Temporary GAG Replenishment in the bladder

BIOCYST is a sterile, non-pyrogenic solution of Sodium hyaluronate in sterile isotonic base. It contains Sodium Hyaluronate 40mg/50ml. No animal protein is contained in Biocyst as it is made up of Sodium Hyaluronate derived from bacterial fermentation source.

What is Cystitis and how does Biocyst help in relieving pain

cystitis drawing

Cystitis is a glycosaminoglycan (GAG) layer deficiency in the wall of the bladder. Once the mucous wall of the bladder is compromised by this deficiency; it becomes susceptible to irritation and inflammation. The damage can be caused by toxins in the urine, bacteria, radiation, infection and other factors yet to be identified. Cystitis can lead to bladder pain and bleeding as well as the need to urinate so frequently that a normal life is impossible.

Sodium Hyaluronate is the structural backbone of the extracellular protective layer. It temporarily replaces the GAG layer. It can help to rebuild the bladder wall structure by:

repairing the GAG deficiency

reconstructing the urine tissue barrier

avoiding the passage of potentially inflammatory solutes

By temporarily replacing the GAG layer in patient’s bladder, Biocyst helps to relieve pain and the urgent need to urinate that is common symptom among patients with cystitis. Biocyst also shows preventive effect in bacterial cystitis and radiation induced cystitis.

Method of use of Biocyst

Instill the entire volume of BIOCYST into the bladder after residual urine has been removed.

BIOCYST must be held in the bladder for minimum 20 to 30 minutes.

The GAG layer of the bladder is deficient in cystitis. This deficiency contributes to the clinical symptoms in diseases such as interstitial cystitis and cystitis caused by infections, trauma, urolithiasis, urinary retention and neoplasia.

To improve cystitis associated with these conditions, it is recommended that BIOCYST be instilled into the bladder each week for four to twelve treatments and then monthly until symptoms resolve. The attending urologist should direct any prophylactic use of BIOCYST.


1 X 50 ml vial containing Sodium Hyaluronate 40mg/50ml

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