We are pleased to globally unveil our latest innovation – Eyecryl SERT: Advanced Monofocal IOL during ESCRS 2022 at Milan, Italy.


Eyecryl SERT IOLs are made with hydrophobic acrylic containing natural yellow chromophore material and are intended to be implanted into the capsular bag in the posterior chamber of the eye for the visual correction of aphakia secondary to the removal of the crystalline lens in adult patients with cataracts.

Renowned doctors from all over glob were present during the launch of Eyecryl SERT. Post launch, doctors were explained with unique features of the Eyecryl SERT.

Key Highlights of Eyecryl SERT – Advanced Monofocal IOLs

  • Continuous vision from distance to intermediate up to 57 cm
  • Spectacle independence for Intermediate Vision
  • An extended range of vision: >1.75 D at spectacle plane with Visual Acuity 0.2 LogMAR or better
  • MICS (2.2 mm) compatible pre-loaded delivery system to reduce SIA
  • Designed for fast neural adaptation
  • Minimal glare and haloes
  • ABBE no. 47